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A Feature Idea For Google Reader – Keep The Stream Centered

Google Reader LogoI use Google Reader allot. I mean ALLOT. Note: Google Reader was shut down. I have come to understand some of the best ways to make use of the sometimes massive stream of data by using the keyboard only. This is great because I can see in reverse chronology what I haven’t seen before and by moving through the list with the “M” and “N” keys I can mark the articles as I go through. The trouble with this is that I always have to keep propping up the stream. Google Reader needs to offer the feature of keeping the stream centered.

Here’s what’s going on – as I run through the list of  items in my Google Reader Stream I come to the bottom of the stream. This also happens to be the bottom of the browser I use as well. I tend to like to see at least 10 or more articles in advance (I’ll tend to skip some things when I know duplicates are coming, etc). When I get to the bottom of the browser, I must press the down arrow or the page down key to see more of the stream I’m about to read. It looks like this:

I feel that Google Reader is still the best way to get news (with Twitter a close second). If there was a feature to keep the stream of items either at center or slightly above center I would be able to navigate the Google Reader faster and with many less keystrokes. Google Labs, are you listening?