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Ch, Ch, Changes to the Blog!

Calwell Logo (Balls)Hello again folks. For those of you that read my blog from time to time, I say thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to say. I will continue working hard to make this blog the best it can be – providing you news, details, interesting stories and other stuff from the technology landscape.

What I wanted to point out today, though, are a few changes I have made to this blog and why I decided to make the changes. Note: Most of these changes were relevant to the older Blogger-based site.

1. The Name: “Calwell’s Blog” is now going to be called “Blogging Calwell” (Note: This names are no longer in use) – I think this is a better representation of what I am (being of Calwell lineage, after all) and what I’m doing (blogging). I have thought of making the title of this blog something a little more catchy – but this has never been about catchy slogans for me. Why start now?

2. Removing Ads: Ads are a way to monetize a blog (I do appreciate you clicking on them from time to time), but they can also suck. I decided to remove the Amazon Search Box because it wasn’t really doing what it needed to do.

3. Facebook Like Button: You will also find a “Like” button at the bottom of every post – so if you use Facebook, go ahead and “Like” this post. Spread the word!