Vblog #1 – The G8/G20 protests

Take a look at my first ever Video Blog here:

I speak about a number of G8/G20 issues. The key among them is the handling of protesters by the police and riot cops. There are a number of articles discussion the call for an inquiry into this by the government. This includes the Toronto Star, National Post, CBC, and even on Facebook.

I mentioned a law that was rushed in, secretly, giving the police a number of special powers. More information can be found on that at Slaw, Toronto Star, and CP24.

And then there are the videos. These are some of the best ones to come to this weekend.

The “Good Smariton” takedown of a thief:

The “Oh Canada” protester blitz:

.. and a better, closer look at it:

Also, take a look at the amazing coverage and videos from Torontoist here. You might also take a look at the faux-weapons on display here.

It’s clear the actions of the police were out of step with what was really going on. Do you think there should be an inquiry into the police conduct?

UPDATE: It appears as though Chief Blair has announced a review of Police tactics during the G20. Since the Toronto Police Service will conduct this review – you probably don’t need to be a psychic to determine that it will review in favor of the cops. But, it’s a start.