Fix: Updating Google Translate To 2.x On Your HTC T-mobile G2

One super-annoying problem that I’ve come across (and seen all over the Internetteys) is the FAIL of an update process for Google Translate on the T-Mobile shipped G2 phone. With new features in Google Translate in version 2.0 like Conversation View, you really want to get your hands on this application. Attempting to do a straight update will cause you to get a number of error messages and will cause Translate to disable one of the main features – the ability to say or speak translated text. Here’s how you can fix this issue on your G2 phone.

So, to start this process, you need to update the built-in TTS Extended service. Since this is a system-level application, you won’t be able to do it  from the market. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open up the Android Browser on your phone. Go to THIS web page. You should see the following in your browser (click on pictures to get a larger version):

Go and click on the “tts_3.1_market.apk” link to download the file. You’ll see an icon on your title bar that indicates the download has started.

2. After the download has finished – you’ll need to pull down your notification bar and then click on the item that mentioned the download completed. This would be the third item in this image:

Note: Be sure that the setting: Settings -> Applications “Unknown Sources” is checked so you can install this APK package outside of the market.

3. When you open the package, you’ll see the following screen. This is where you’ll be able to replace the currently installed TTS Service Extended. You’ll want to click OK, install and replace the application – the phone should allow you to do so.

4. Now, go back to the market and update Google Translate to 2.x. Once you load it, you’ll see two things. You’ll see another error about the “Stale” TTS Extended service (say NO to that):

…and second, when you get to Google Translate, you can use the speaking tools and other features of Google Translate shown in this image:

Now, enjoy the updated version of Google Translate! It’s not a perfec solution, but at least this should get you around the fact that TTS Extended was installed as a System application.

Also, a word about the “Stale” TTS Extended error
If you click “YES” on the above question about removing the “stale” TTS Extended, you’ll get to a screen that asks if you’d liek to remove the installed update – like this:

This is the update you previously installed – so you definitely don’t want to remove it (if you do, you’ll break Google Translate). I, so far haven’t found a way to get around this “stale” error. If any of you have been able to find a way to stop it – please share in the comments.