Canada: Cambridge Life Solutions – Debt Negotiation Or A Scam?

This article was taken offline. But, that was seven years ago, and now seems like as good a time as any to explain why I took it offline. Updated in January, 2019.

You see, at the time, many mentioned this company and it seemed like a good topic to cover given the accumulation of information from those who were discussing their experiences. So, I wrote an article. It certainly wasn’t my finest hour as a writer, nor some of my best writing – but I felt it provided some useful context.

Not everyone felt that way. Shortly after publishing, I was served with notice to take down the article. I complied with the  notice.

You can see the notice in its entirety here. Call this the “Streisand Effect” – albeit a very slow-moving and dependant on a fortuitous finding of documents seven years later.

Checking the trusty Wayback Machine, it looks like Cambridge (CLSI), completely pivoted into an insurance broker some time after 2016. It also seems that their address is different, so this may also be a completely different owner and different company using the same name. They do not appear to be offering any sort of “debt settlement” services.

Funny thing about the Internet: You can outlast anyone and anything if you’re here for the long-haul.