Linking CWL – June 1, 2012

A new month, summer is around the corner and lots of interesting things going on. Here is another short collection of links I’ve gathered from all over the web. Please do follow the links and enjoy.

  • Windows 8 Release Preview available. After accidentally posting a blog about the coming release of a new Windows 8 preview, the software is finally released by Microsoft. When released (either May 31, or June 1) it ill be available here.
  • New Duty-Free limits start today – Good news for us Canadians shopping in the U.S. – we can now  get up to $200 duty-free if we stay 24 hours and $800 duty-free for visits 48 hours or longer. Some say this will increase cross border shopping significantly.
  • Save Library and Archives in Canada – appear to be fighting the dwindling amount of information kept by the Canadian Government branch of the same name. Some of the provided statistics are quite staggering.
  • CheatSheet helps in discovering keyboard shortcuts – If you are more than a little troubled by the number of shortcut keys on Mac OS X, CheatSheet can help. The free tool pops up a big list of active shortcut keys for the active application. Download here.
  • A little Canada love! SpaceX is shown docked with the International Space Station using the Canadarm. There was lots and lots of coverage of the historic SpaceX mission on NASA’ Ustream Page.