New: Leap Controls Your Computer With Gestures

I’m always looking for interesting and new technology. Sometimes this takes the form of very simple things – but sometimes they “seem” simple. Leap is a great new, and fairly inexpensive idea where you can use hand gestures to control your computer. You might think of Microsoft’s Kinect (if it was for your computer instead of games). I like the idea and I think more and more of this will be available in the next couple years.

Wondering how this might work? Well, it’s a little hard to tell how exactly – but you can get a good idea of how this might seem in this video demo released by the company:

It seems fairly likely that the Leap will connect to a machine by way of Bluetooth since most of the marketing materials show the small box lacking and sort of cable. So far, it looks like this will go well with a Mac machine running OSX and a Windows box (especially Windows 8). The device always seems to be sitting flat on a table facing upwards, suggesting this will be the only possible orientation for the device.

There are questions too. If this were to take off, how would it work if in a coffee shop with a number of users trying to do the same thing? Would they interfere with each other? How the heck did they get it working with Fruit Ninja? What platform runs this the best? Where is the device manufactured?

You can pre-order Leap now for $70 USD, and expect to see it shipped in late 2012, early 2013.