Bypass Those Tinypaste Surveys

TinyPaste-SurveyYou may have, on occasion, require the use of plain text for links, ASCII art or just a simple list. Because plain text is often hard to work with in the active web, there are sites like Tinypaste. The trouble is, Tinypaste will sometimes keep you from the text you want to see and force a number of surveys on you (like those shown above). This stuff is bogus, so you’ll want to just completely skip it. I’ll show you how.

First off, open the link that takes you to Tinypaste. Sometimes there are mo surveys or CAPTCHAs, so if that’s the case you’re good. If you see the site grayed out and a survey blocking your text read on.

  • In your browser of choice find a location on the page that doesn’t link somewhere. Now, just right click on that location with your mouse and choose “View Source” or whatever equivalent verbiage your browser uses.



  • When you see the source, it may seem like allot, but you’re just looking for one line. It looks like the picture below. You’ll notice it because it is given the id “pasteFrame”. You’ll find that line closer to the middle or end of the page. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds to find it, so give yourself a chance.
    The location to look for is a full link
  • Once you find it, open that link (or copy the entire link and paste it into your browser’s address bar) and go. Once there, you should simply see the text of your paste and nothing else.