Newsman In Front Of Camera

If It Isn’t News, Then What Is It?

Newsman In Front Of CameraI’ve taken a little time to step back and ponder what it is that happens here on this blog. Can this really be called “tech news”? Can it be that we’re a “how to” site?. Is it more of a “product review” site? Should it be said that this is more about punditry and the “curation” of information? This and other questions have been on my mind as I have been struggling to clearly define what you might expect when that browser you’ve chosen lands on this blog page. So, let me explain.

Summary: The what, why and huh? of this blog as you know it today.

There are a bunch of conventional things I want to tell you. Many of them relate to avoiding rumors, and keeping from publishing sensational bullshit. I’d want you to know that rewriting stories was only useful when a book report was due and you won’t see that on here if I can help it. All that needs to be said – and perhaps said another day. Today is a day for something else.

Today is the day to say, unequivocally what we’re doing here. This blog exists to inform you of technology related topics. Yes, that was easy. You see, too much of tech bloggery today is focused on the sensational or rumor-based topics, to provide real, sensible and useful information. It sure doesn’t mean that I’m so much better than the others, but at least I’m working hard to be better.

When you see information and ideas here, they’re based on real, in-the-field work that might have been attempted, experienced first-hand knowledge or ideas presented through the lens of a seasoned IT professional. Simply rewriting another news-of-the-day blog may provide hits, but it would generally amount to no more than blogging junk-food.

We want to bring you the stories behind the big events. The patterns that may lead to industry shifts. The products and services that should make us all take notice and the answers to some very difficult challenges along the way. If we succeed, job well done.

Some of these articles take time (one took over a year to finish!) and some don’t. But, if all goes according to plan you’ll go away more informed than when you arrived. Thanks for reading and see you soon!