Fighting Overload By Being The “Information Omnivore”

I found Paul A. Laudicina’s recent article “Three Keys to Beating Information Overload“, an insightful piece on facing the one of biggest challenges users of the Internet seem to be looking at with increased frequency. You, good reader, are probably hit with so many headlines in a day (in serious duplication), that it’s probably becoming something of a chore.

Paul talks about the point when we meet the story that is right for us to read at that moment, or the “serendipitous story“. It’s an idea that seems odd when the majority of news stories on  the internet are headlines that “algorithmically pushed to us based on previous site visits and habits“. Paul’s suggestions  generally involve consuming all types of media including paper-based news.

These are all sound ideas. In fact, I’m currently reading a book “The Communist Manifesto”, a comic series “Before Watchmen: ” and consuming the copious amounts of online information as part of my usual regime. I have in the past subscribed to newspapers – though it’s been a while. There is nothing better than holding the paper in your hand as you get ready to eat Sunday breakfast. The rarity of it feels like going to a party and hearing lots of new voices.

I read this article multiple times too. I wanted to enjoy it and let it sink in.