TELUS, The Fee Removal “White Knight”?

The Canadian Telecommunications landscape has been in something of a flux recently. What with the mostly unseen CRTC going about asking Canadians to engage in creating a code for cell phone providers, and Rogers moments from launching a mobile payment service called “Suretap“. TELUS has stepped in and announced the removal of activation and renal fees to the tune of $25 or $35 depending on what removed fee you won’t be paying.

This is certainly a good thing, but a more cynical person may point out that the incumbents that force three year contracts on Canadians can make upwards of $3,000 or more from customers (with data costs, and usage increasing) –  making the $25 or $35 fee removal a proverbial drop in the bucket. What do you think – does this make you more interested in TELUS services?