Black Friday Deals We’re Watching

At Blogging Calwell, we’re up in the Canadian province of Ontario, but we still see our share of various deals and interesting sales (on both sides of the border). Leading up to this event, we thought we’d give you a short rundown of some that we’re tracking and may end up taking advantage of. Feel free to add your own deals to the comments section of this article.

The Big Guys
Apple (Canada/US) – We  don’t yet know what’s on sale, but when the usually pricey Apple’s goods go on sale November 23 at 12:01am, we’ll take notice. It looks like the sale will start Friday at midnight and word is discounts of 7% to 8% are in order. More details.
Microsoft – It isn’t entirely clear whether the Black Friday specials will happen at Microsoft’s newly opened Yorkdale store, but they are promoting a number of deals. None of which are truly earth-shattering.
Amazon (Canada/US) – Usually good for some deals, Amazon will likely have a number of things going cheap this week.
Dell (Canada) – Taking a little while to get out the flyer, Dell has some halfway decent deals on computers and monitors. The challenge (as always) with Dell is the long shipping times, so be aware of that before ordering.
Best Buy (Canada) – Running a few things, including a Samsung 46″ 1080p LED HDTV for $597.99 and $50 iTunes cards for $39
Future Shop (Canada) has few deals to take note of,  but the Samsung 46″ E550 Series LCD TV for $497.99 looks pretty good

Lenovo (Canada/US) – They have a history of aggressive discounts on laptops and promise a 20% discount on “select” devices.
Newegg (Canada) have a number of laptops on sale. They’re even selling Windows 8 OEM for $99.99 calling it a “Full Version”, whatever that means.

Staples (Canada) – It looks like iPads are on sale at Staples this week (dropping $30, $40, and $50). They’ll be selling the Blackberry Playbook for $118.99. The flyer is here.
The Source (Canada) – The biggest item is a Blackberry Playbook 32 GB at $199, not the best deal for that tablet. They’re also selling a Kobo Mini for $49.95 and a Kindle Touch for $134.99
Factory Direct (Canada)  – Back in the day, FactoryDirect used to be a great place to get computer hardware. Since then they’ve diversified. That being said, they offer quite allot of sales and a range of tablets including Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″ for $159.99, Kross Android 10″ Tablet for $149.99, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ for $149.99, and the Kross Android 7″ Tablet for $99.99. They also run a selection of unlocked phones if you’re in the market for something like that.

Other Stuff
Walmart (Canada) plans to run the Samsung 50″ 1080p LED TV for $698.00 in Canada, that’s a good deal if you can get your hands on it. They’ll apparently be selling the iPad 2 16GB Wifi for $374.00 (Sells for $399.00 at Apple). Or, maybe you’ll just avoid Walmart altogether.
Visions Electronics (Canada) is said to be running the Sharp Aquos 60″ 1080P  LCD With PC Video Input for $888.00 on Friday at 8am – a good deal if you’re looking for a TV.

Updates will continue throughout the week as we find out more interesting deals leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two of the biggest retail sales days.