Why The Netflix Series ‘House Of Cards’ Is Interesting

House Of Cards Poster

Developments of the day sometimes take a little while to percolate to the top. Never more evident is in the case of online streaming company Netflix’s new series named House of Cards. If you haven’t heard of it – this is a U.S. version of a British miniseries (of the same name). In this version, Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood, a politician with a rising trajectory using any dirty tricks he has to for the sake of power. This sure does sound like an entertaining show, but there’s more to take interest of here. It seems like Netflix may be on the verge of changing the TV game.

And, the game, as far as television goes, is produce a show, have it picked up by a network. Then, release each episode once per week (usually), for the entire duration of the run of that season. House of Cards, however, seems to be changing these rules. With the current two-season order Netflix has for 13 season episodes, the entire first season of the show will be available to stream on February 1st, 2013.

Seriously, this is not a typo. The entire 13 episode first season of House of cards is going to be available for streaming on Netflix immediately on February 13th. You can cheat and watch the season finale first, watch just the first episode, or watch the tenth, it doesn’t matter. The streaming Juggernaut Netflix is really taking a new and bold step by offering the full season at one time. If viewers love it, repeat viewings may be what the service is looking for.

Beau Willimon, the screenwriter of Ides of March and showrunner on House of Cards said:  “This is the future, streaming is the future,” adding that “TV will not be TV in five years from now…everyone will be streaming.” – Hollywood Reporter article.

We’ll certainly be watching to see how this turns out. In the meantime, take a look the the show’s first trailer: