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Finally, Chromebooks released in Canada


Here in Canada, we’ve missed out on one of the bigger new trends in technology south of the border. Namely, that of the Google Chromebook. Well, thankfully Google announced today that it would be offering the Chromebook in Canada at retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop.

With the Chromebook, we want computers, and the wealth of online content, to be accessible to everyone around the world. So today we’re pleased to announce that our latest Chromebooks from Samsung, Acer and HP are now available in Canada.

What’s interesting is in the announcement blog, the main image is a screen grab clearly taken with a Chromebook (it uses the standard file naming of ChromeOS). It seems likely the entire blog itself was written on a Chromebook . Not unusual, since I think the best use case for these laptops (or ultra-books, if you prefer) is blogging. If you’re familiar with previous posts here, you know I like what the Chromebook offers – this can only be great news for us north of the border. Curious about these machines? I really suggest you get out there and try one.