Windows RT Tablet

Making Lemonade With Windows RT

So, not surprisingly, Ars Technica’s Peter Bright is calling Windows RT a “lemon“. I think that was an easy call in the beginning. He goes on to talk about how to turn this lemon into lemonade:

“They should unlock domain joining, they should unlock macroing, and perhaps most significantly of all, they should include an Outlook license.”

I’m with him on most of this, but even with those changes, Windows RT may still be avoided. I would add that not only joining a domain but add a considerable subset of group policies that control the device and how it operates. Make this thing super-business-friendly for a production floor use-case. The Outlook on RT is a waste because I can’t see how Microsoft can ever bring a good touch-based version of Outlook to market. If the present state of touch in Office 2013 is any indication, it will never happen. Perhaps instead of trying to make Outlook work there, why not emulate x86 and let 32bit/64bit applications run? Imagine the possibilities of a simple, hyper-controllable tablet device for businesses. Time to replace all those simple use laptops.