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Stick A Fork In It, Windows

In a serious dose of bullshit, I point you to a blog post on Zdnet by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. The title of this post tells you exactly where this one is going: Windows: It’s over. So, Windows is dead? Windows 8 is Dead? Windows and the PC is dead? Certainly, Steven gets much of his fuel from recent reports of a huge decline in PC sales. But, wait; read a little further along and Steven essentially negates the stupid title:

Yes, we are entering a post-PC world. Tablets and smartphones are becoming more important… to sales. PCs are no more going to go away than mainframes did. We’re still going to be using them in offices and homes for the foreseeable future.

Well, clearly he knows PCs are still useful. Windows is still, err, enjoying a more than 90% market share on the desktop – not to mention Windows on the server-side. So, what part of Windows is “over”? Is it possible that “not growing” does not equal “death”? It doesn’t seem like Steven got that memo. But, whatever. He likes the Aero interface. Claim Chowder, indeed Mr. Gruber