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Changes at CWL

Over the next little while, you’re going to see a few changes to CWL. I’ve always leaned towards making this site and its tools as simple as possible. Over the next several days, you’ll see that take effect on how this site looks. My effort will be to merge the older “” site into this page and make CWL the main page for all things CWL related. To that end, the “blogging” subdomain will eventually go away, making all links to this page a much easier “”. This transition might take a while, and there will surely be a few bumps in the road, so I appreciate your patience.

Through it all, I will continue to blog and software tools will all be available. Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome.

: The transition to htp:// has started in Ernest. So far things look to be working well.
#2: It appears as though Facebook comments aren’t going to take the domain change well. Moving the application to the root domain may kill previous comments. That sucks.
#3: Our Twitter Cards update is going to require another approval. All of the most important headers appear to be up-to-date. That was quick, the root domain is approved for Twitter Cards now.