AirTame, an HDMI streaming device and software

AirTame – The Amazing HDMI Streaming Tool

One big part of our portfolio is cable work. Designed space often includes cabled and wireless systems, plus at least one boardroom. The boardroom area has to be one of the most challenging spaces to manage. Users at a table need to collaborate and place information on a TV screen, but are often forced to connect to that TV by way of clunky cables under a false floor, concrete or just strewn on the floor. A number of new technologies are showing the kind of promise WiFi has in connecting video and audio data to a TV. One such great idea is the HDMI streamer AirTame.

The idea behind AirTame appears deceptively simple. You connect AirTame to your display device by way of the HDMI connector [1]. On the computer running Windows, OS X or Linux, you’ll install and run software to connect to the AirTame device and push audio and video over an existing  WiFi network. It will have to work reliably and simply if this device is to become popular. And, given what I see, the potential is here.

One of the many interesting applications is the ability to use the software for streaming a computer’s desktop to a number of other devices over a WiFi network. This effectively allows the presenter to share her presentation with each person at a boardroom table; Removing the need for a TV or projector altogether.

AirTame’s biggest problem may be that it isn’t real yet. You can pre-order the device for $99.00 and pay by Paypal at Expect this to start shipping to Indiegogo users in May 2014, and current pre-orders in July 2014. I’ll be looking to get my hands on one of these myself.

1. You’ll probably notice a striking similarity between this and Google’s Chromecast