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We’re Going Full SSL


In the past, I’ve kind of flirted with the idea of encrypting this site (and all of the articles contained within) but didn’t think it was all that important. Over the years, this has just been a blog and nothing more. Well, things have changed with us offering stuff like free software. This may not be the only thing we provide in the future, but as a blog, and the face of a business, I really wanted to start encrypting information on this site.

With news of Google looking at encrypted sites as a ranking signal, I knew this was the time to pull the trigger (so to speak). So, over the next little while, you’re going to see these elements change to comply with full encryption. I’ve been doing work to correct some of the smaller things – so there will be some hiccups. In that time, older posts may contain unencrypted components on the full switch is complete. I apologize in advance if you get any sorts of dumb errors from your browser.

This may take some time while I test functions, plugins, and other parts of the site for compliance (and making sure I’ve covered all required standards). If you find something amiss, please do let me know below in the comments.

Update: The core of this switch is done, though many older (2012 and earlier posts) use image tags off to the old blog’s image storage location with a non-HTTPS connection. I’ve decided the take the time to store those images here instead of just changing the link to HTTPS. Naturally, all of that will be a considerably larger effort, so I’m not attacking it as aggressively.