Apple Lightning Dock

Apple Finally Offers an iPhone 6 Lightning Dock

Apple Lightning Dock

Apple is known for taking its time on products. One of the most anticipated of them is a dock for lightning devices. I had a feeling we might never see this thing. As you can see by the product page on Apple, the device is indeed a reality.

Based on product images, the dock is simply a lightning connector sticking out of a base. To use this, simply place the device on the connector and ┬ácharge or use it. It will be interesting to see how the device is held up given there is no backing support. Perhaps the connector is strong enough, but is t enough to handle an iPad? The product page doesn’t list iPad support, but clearly you could use it.

Apple Lightning Dock #2

For now, these lightning docks are available and shipping at a 1 to 3 days. The dock is priced at $39 ($49 cdn). I bought one and will let you know how it works.