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Google ReBrands Webmaster Tools as Search Console

In a move that makes lots of sense, Google announced today a rebranding of its web-based tools console from Webmaster Tools to Search Console. As a tool I’ve come to love (and hate) over the years, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on this important part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy.

So, why call it Search Console? I think Google realized this was the real reason why webmasters and web-property builders used the tool. Since the entire purpose of the Search Console is to help web builders rank better in search, the shoe clearly fits.

Even as I type this, I’m sucked into the plethora of tools and options inside of the Search Console. I realized that one of my sites needed to be verified, and another needed a new iteration added. Tools like Page Speed Insights are essentials if you run any sort of web property.

The tools are also fairly clunky. Suggestions offered are not always useful. Little (or no) tools exist here for the webmaster working with encryption on websites. The need to add every iteration of a website’s reachable URI (, fills up the interface with confusing information. All of this makes me think this tool could be much more useful if Google worked to improve it.

Given the oversaturation of information available on the Internet, Search Console was always a good way to tell what Google was seeing on my sites. I came to the tool much later than I should have, but it’s been useful. Increasingly, the Search Console is useful to help you keep up with changes in Google’s search rankings. If you run a site and care about Google search results, it’s something you should start using right away. Google’s Search Console is available here: