The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F-ck Cover

An Idea To Help Book Authors


Book authors like anyone in a creative industry are feeling the crunch of piracy. By all accounts, this is a big problem, but most reports we see from online outlets are bonkers, dubious and stated as pure losses. This is more than stupid when reasonable people should have good, useful information. The reality is, we should buy books and support authors more. The world needs to read more. This holiday season, I tried something new, and I thought I share it with you.

Simply, get a friend. Talk about an awesome book. Buy it and ship it to each other. The author will like you both because he/she has sold two of them. You will like each other because you’ve given yourselves something to read (and share later), and the value of these books remain where they should be (not a holiday waste).

As it turned out, this very conversation happened on Christmas Day. I was having a very shitty Christmas and my good friend Tania called to talk. We covered all sorts of topics, but one of them was about living and not giving a shit. Moving forward with all of our choices. I think I mentioned it and it sparked a thought from her about a book by an author we know. Turns out, it wasn’t that author, but Mark Manson. She would explain that this was a book she wanted to read, and I also mused that it looked very interesting. She then said, “Text me your address and I’ll send you a copy”. I said the same, and we agreed over the next few days we’d send each other the paper version of this interesting book.

It also should be noted that not only is a pirated EPUB version available online, but the book can also be purchased as an eBook or audiobook. But, there’s something about the paper isn’t there? I encourage you to go out and order the book.

Is the book actually good? I don’t yet know, but I will read it and let you know here, deal? And, once I’m done, this book will end up in the next book sharing station I come across in Canada or abroad. So, share the joy of reading, won’t you?