Disaster Artist Book Cover

Short Book Review: The Disaster Artist

So, what is it? It’s a book about a friendship that spans 15 years between two unlikely people (one of them the author). I too had a friendship that very closely parallels this story. Amazing how we humans have these constant repeating patterns. The subject of the story is Tommy Wiseau, who would go on to create perhaps the worst movie ever to be recorded in The Room. I haven’t seen the movie and I know it sucks.

Tommy’s story, however, is grand and compelling if somewhat oddball. This book is the story of his life, his movie, his vision, and the secrets he probably still keeps. Through Greg, we learn about Tommy on the surface and then layers are peeled back to show the person underneath who may not be what you expect.

The book is relatively short and easy to read. Many of the situations are described so well that I found myself laughing out loud. I do wish I could see inside the mind of Tommy himself.

Now, I must eventually see the movie Tommy made – The Room and I also look forward to the Seth Rogen movie in the works about the book. We should see that later this year.