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A new look for 2020

Hello reader. You might have noticed some changes. After more than eight years, I’ve decided to change this site’s theme. The site will be using a slightly modified version of the Engitech theme. In time, I’ll dig deeper and change this that feels appropriate to my use. The base theme was good enough to start with (and I love the maintenance mode options), so I bought it. Pay for the stuff you like!

Here are some changes:

1. The site has a cleaner look. I wanted more whitespace and got it.
2. I’m defaulting to an easier to read font (Verdana) and text that is just slightly lighter than black. The reading experience here is important to me on both desktop and mobile.
3. There are fewer advertisements. In fact, only one ad along the top. In turn, is going to drop my revenue to just shy of zero, but maybe not. I can easily remove that last ad too, so we’ll see. I’ve never been a fan of ads and I guess it shows. I’m sure if you really need ads, you’re going to tell me to keep them (wink).
4. The mobile experience is vastly improved. I hope you think so too.
5. Facebook comments are retained. Still more work to do on the open graph.

I’ll be working to improve it further over the next few weeks.