COVID-19 3D Illustration

The first thing I’m going to do

COVID-19 3D Illustration

For the vast majority of us, the COVID-19 virus has become a daily, integrated part of what we do: Leave the house with a mask on, enter the supermarket with a mask on, go out only to do things that are “essential.” We’re inundated with messages about how serious the virus is, and how we need to protect ourselves. There are, or of course, idiots that keep tempting the government to enforce more while placing us at risk, but they’ll go away when we get this stupid virus under control.

Conversations now (in May of 2021) have thankfully shifted to what we’d do when we can get out there again. When we can walk into a building without a mask. When we can actually shake another person’s hand and [gasp] hug them. For something I’d avoided in the past, it will be sweet indeed to be able to hug another person just because I can. With the U.S.A. doing very well on their vaccine rollout, and signs of hope here in Ontario and Canada – we now have reason to think about this, even if it just dreaming.

So, yes it’s a bit of fantastical thinking, and yes it’s been a long time since my last post, but I thought I’d write something positive in what’s been a really rough year for everyone.

What’s the first thing I would do?

Go to a movie. If this isn’t the most communal thing one can do with perfect strangers sitting right next to you, I don’t know what is (fuck airplanes). I want to go to the first showing of the most populated theatre I can find, order a large popcorn and THE BUTTER this time. I want to eat all the popcorn before the damn movie even starts. I want to cheer with everyone else when that guy does that insane thing. Movie theatres have been marooned in a sea of no cash, no hope, and no help. Those guys and glass deserve all of us to come back in force to support them, and the act of moviemaking in general.

While yes, much of this is run by big international monster companies, don’t forget that smaller independent and repertory theatres do exist and they will endure with our help. While I’m mentioning theatres, let’s not forget culbs, bars, concerts, whatever is your version of getting together with lots of random fun people and enjoying an escape.