Monetizing content on Quora

I’ve flirted with the monetization of online content in various different forms. Naturally, you see the sole ad at the top of this page, which earns far south of a dollar per month. At one time, the full complement of advertisements on this pager earned north of $200 in a month. In the past, I’ve even built, written content for, and sold off turn-key web property. It wasn’t a money-making venture, but I really wanted to see and feel the process in full.

Turning to Quora, their constant messaging of “you’re invited to…” and “join monetization…” finally caught my attention so I looked into it. The idea is Quora offers a premium subscription – Qurora+ – that offers ad-free browsing of the site for $50 a year USD. Since the idea of people paying for content is something of an online unicorn, I wasn’t sure this was going anywhere.

But, I was curious, so I signed up.

Given my content on Quora stands at more than 800,000 views, it seems like there might be some potential for earnings.

I’ve gone back to answer a few more questions too. One of them, a seemingly innocuous one about whether Burger King flame-broils their burgers, is already at 30,000 views this week alone. I have no clue what the people what.

So far I’ve earned 5 cents. Elon’s status as the richest person on earth is safe.