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I Wrote a Book

Hello again blog readers, it’s been a long time.

I wanted to share some of what I’ve been up to since my last blog post. I wrote the book From Rent to Ruin: The True Story of My Tenant Nightmare to tell my story of unexpectedly becoming a small landlord, renting my home to a tenant that seemed good, but turned out to be very, very bad. Throughout the year-and-half ordeal I faced non-payment of rent, abuse, assault and, not to spoil it, but the ultimate malicious event.

This 215-page paperback takes the reader through all the ups-and-downs and tries to understand why to two people that rent a property can go so bad and be so protected by the apathy of our system. This story spans from the personal to the political and from poverty to middle class. One of my aims to try and humanize those of use that are “mom and pop” landlords. I invite everyone to read my book and learn more.

In the intervening months I’ve been working with a non-profit to assist small landlords in anything from “professional” tenants to working with government to change the oppressive system small housing providers face in Ontario. We’re making headway, but need all small landlords to get involved and join the movement.

My work in technology continues, but this book was really something I needed to write. It’s a story that will open your eyes to what’s happening. From Rent to Ruin: The True Story of My Tenant Nightmare is now available for order from Amazon: U.SCanadaU.K. and several other country regions.