A Long List Of First-Time Entrepreneur and Business Owner Misconceptions


I am, as it turns out, surrounded by many who wish to woo the fickle mistress of business and good fortune. They want to work at something in a moral way, be empowered to make their own choices, and create a company (or more) that might actually be bigger than them. Generally, the immediate goal is to have the idea they start affirmed by either money or a customer base. That doesn’t come easy when many of the ideas you have are wrong. I recently came across a great list of first-time of misconceptions, and added a number of my own items too it.

A Leaked Michael Jackson Song Spreads Like Wildfire

Michael Jackson's posthumus album XSCAPE

There are certain cases where piracy is understood as simply stealing intellectual property. But, there are other cases where a simple leak of a product gives the world at large just enough time to view it before being taken down. The media appear to play a key role in spreading the content, while users soak up the results. Read on for more, and a rundown of what happened.

IT Is Entering A Commodity Era Of Computing, IBM Is Not

IBM Logo

Cringely is no fan of IBM. His latest skewering of IBM’s move to sell its server business to Lenovo doesn’t sit too well with him.

IBM needs to embrace the new era of large arrays of inexpensive Intel Servers. IBM needs to adapt its mainframe and mid-range applications to this new platform. The world is moving in this direction. Selling the Intel server business is the exact wrong thing to do for the long term health of IBM.

I’ve done some work with IBM an servers in the past, and they haven’t been so good with supporting new technologies. If this is the foreshadowing of a doomed behemoth, we may be able to mark this moment as the end of a market dominator. Things change, and these big companies are screwed if they can’t change too.

CES is (not) mostly bullshit

Derp Rage DrawingI feel like there’s a meme for this kind of thing. Or, there should be. It goes like this: Tech writer gets all curmudgeonly about something lots of people like. Said tech writer spends lots of time explaining how it sucks and other, simpler, things are better. The current iteration of this story is from Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith), who writes for Tested. In his article “CES: It’s Mostly Bullshit“, he expounds on the suckiness of all things CES. He’s really only redeemed by saying “mostly”.

OPP Expands Troubling Vehicle Tracking Program

Ontario Provincial Police LogoNews that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) intend to expand their Licence Plate Recognition Program (ALPR) from 4 to 27 vehicles is more than troubling. Interestingly, they say:

“Ontario motorists expect to be protected from unsafe drivers, but also not to be tracked as they go about their daily lives….when a scanned license plate does not match the list of unsafe drivers, it will be deleted from the system within minutes.”

Kevin Rose’s blogging idea

Not long ago, TheNextWeb reported on a new idea from Digg founder Kevin Rose. This idea; Tiny is an idea for a new blogging platform. While Tiny doesn’t seem to be real yet, the YouTube video included gave us a glimpse of what it might look like.

The essence of this is a simple image or video in the background of you as you write. The text is fixed, as are other elements. The idea certainly has merits, but I think this movement towards creating the “Facebook of blogging” is failing to change the parts of blogging that need disruption. Blogging is not in a MySpace phase; Rather, I feel it is in need of a way of expressing ideas that can grow parallel to other real time counterparts, while being compartmentalized in a clear idea or topic.

The Low-end iPhone Market

Apple LogoThe always interesting John Gruber offers The Case for a New Lower-Cost iPhone that brings up a number of great thoughts about what we’re all expecting in the next lower end phone named 5C [1].

The idea of Apple abandoning the sale of 4 and 4S phones to lock out all non-lightning adapter phones make lots of sense. This is a great way for Apple to complete the transition of phone adapters and simplify the accessories they stock on the shelves.

Could an iPhone 5C get priced as low as $349, unsubsidized? I think it needs to be even lower if Apple intends to compete in the poorer world markets, but it clearly needs to be much lower than today’s iPhone 5 16GB $649, unlocked and contract free price [2]. This kind of pricing makes me wonder what they’ll remove from the 5C.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview

Windows Server Logo (2013)I just noticed a recent preview of Windows Server has been released for download and testing. You can download Windows Server 2012 R2 on Microsoft’s site here. If you are interested in server operating systems, this is probably one you download and check out. I’m especially interested in the new tiered “Storage Spaces” feature that seems like an amazing Apple Fusion-esque way of using SSDs for maximum performance. While configuring that feature may be possible, seeing it in full-scale action may be a little more difficult. I’m also interested in what Microsoft will do with cloud storage options and StoreSimple, a company they acquired last year. There are a number of other updates to virtualization, VPNs, and the interesting “Software Defined Networking“. 

Nobody puts “IT” in a Compartment

Best Buy LogoMy reading habits are often too sluggish for the real-time mass of information of the day. One such older colum I came across was Robert X. Cringely’s isn’t killing Best Buy: blame Best Buy IT. I do find that, after all these years, Cringely is a good source for insights.

Since I don’t have first hand knowledge of IT inside of Best Buy, I’m not going prove Cringley right or wrong on his assessment of IT inside of Best Buy. But, if what he says is true, Best Buy is certainly facing some grievous struggles.

PCWorld Exits Print Business

PCWorld LogoRecent news has the american computer magazine PCWorld ceasing its print operations and moving to digital distribution. I had to stop and let that sink in. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a smart move for publisher IDG. In today’s publishing climate, I would expect digital magazine production to be much cheaper than print. Add the fact that the “PC” acronym is on the fast-track to a niche market and you have a sound business move. But, does this mean print magazines are dead? Not likely. Is PCWorld magazine dead? Not a chance.