Linking Calwell: March 9, 2012

Google Reader LogoNo great explanation required, I thought I would just link you to some interesting technology related stuff I’ve found on the Internet.

SOPA-like amendments in Canada – look to be coming on Monday. If you’re interested in how all this plays out, the Harper Government’s decision will play a crucial role. If you’re looking to contact your local representative, Michael has a good list on his site. This could be bad news for all of us.

Trend: Book Sharing

Book-Lending-LogoSurely you have heard of Electronic Books? You may have also heard of those unscrupulous few who download books they haven’t paid for? But, have you heard of Book Sharing? As it turns out, the process of lending purchased books is starting to really take off thanks to sites like Book Lending and devices that make it easier to share books (like Amazon’s Kindle). When you lend a book to another person, that person generally has 14 days to read it before the book is removed from their device. Take a look are more about book lending from The Globe & Mail and the Toronto Public Library Overdrive service.

Update – Feb 27th: Book lending is covered in a great Wall Street Journal article.

A New Utility From Nirsoft – ShellMenuNew

Nirsoft has a great history of making utilities, these are free and very useful. Just today, Nirsoft released a new one that, as he says he “created this utility within a few days without planning to create it before”. I like it!

Here’s what it does:
In the Windows XP/Vista/7 Explorer interface, there is a context menu that can be accessed by right-clicking from most locations. This includes folders, and the desktop. The context menu sub-items this utility changes are the ones in the “New” tree. You may want to disable some or all of these items if you want to speed up your PC, or you have an application that has, without you’re permission, decided to add way more items to that then you actually want. Use this utility to disable them.

Cool music – Asa

I have never heard of Asa (pronounced Asha) before today, but I frequent a website called where they offer songs from bands that are obscure and have not been heard of. Asa is an R&B singer that almost seems a little bit like she could sing Reggae. The lyrics are awesome, the sound is great. Check it out here.