Many people ask me what kind of gear I use out in the field. As a person working in technology, we can be quite pig-headed about the “best” this and the “best” that. I tend to be more agnostic about my choices in this matters, but I do see the value of letting you in on what I use everyday. All the following you’ll find in the bag I carry everywhere:

  • The Computer: Apple Macbook Pro (Apple) – On the road you need a rock-solid, fast, and tightly integrated machine. This is perhaps the best you can get.
  • The Phone: Apple iPhone X (Apple) – A great phone and an important utility device.
  • Belkin USB-C to Ethernet Adapter (Amazon) – The first non-computer purchase was to ensure the Macbook could be wired.
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Amazon) – I carry this rechargeable bluetooth mouse and use it regularly. Works great on tabletops.
  • Apple Airpods (Amazon) – My everyday headphones, the Airpods are reasonably good at switching between the iPhone and the Mac.
  • Pioneer Rayz Noise Cancelling Earphones (Amazon) – These earbuds are truly a marvel. For the moments when I need to focus.
  • Samsung T3 500GB External Hard Drive (Amazon) – This SSD external USB-C drive is super fast. I generally use it for storing and editing photos.
  • Touro Mobile 3TB External Hard Drive (Amazon) – This is the workhorse drive I generally use for software, file transfers, and occasional backups on-site.
  • MobileLite G4 Media Reader (Amazon) – Reading the various types of media cards requires this useful tool.
  • Lexar JumpDrive S70 16GB USB Flash Drive (Amazon) – For a boot diagnostics tool. I used to use CDs for this, but most computers can no boot from USB, so this handy tool is always close.

And, the bag itself: Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15″ (website) – I can’t say enough good things about this bag, Peak Design, and the way it’s worked so well for me – check out my review. The bag is probably the most efficient way to carry a laptop, and it’s really amazing for flights.