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Thinking Of Running Windows Server 2012 Foundation? You Might Want To Think again.

Microsoft WIndows Server 2012 Logo

Microsoft has had an interesting history with creating versions of Windows Server that might fit into different verticals. You might recall the horrible Windows Small Business Server version for an example of how you can’t just slap a bunch of product together and make a good product. What microsoft tends to do is create limits on products that can do more, instead of taking limited products and giving them more options. No where is this more evident than Windows Server 2012 Foundation edition. Read on to see why you might not want to implement this version.

Using Apple’s OS X Server With a Windows Network

OSX-ServerIt seems more and more that the main driving forces in the Apple world are focused squarely on simplicity. In the case of Apple’s Server offering for OS X Lion, this simplicity is never more apparent. Choosing this sort of solution for an office of OS X machines may be a no-brainer, but, what if you wanted to run a network of Windows computers on this server? Would it stack up well to what Microsoft offers? Does it offer the kinds of things you might expect from a Windows Server? Let’s take a look.

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