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Set Windows’ interface To BASIC For Better Performance

TurnOff04One of the biggest casualties with Windows versions after XP, was the loss of all those settings you could control in the  “Display” applet in XP’s Control Panel. They allowed you to turn off a bunch of things that would improve performance for slower computers – and in some cases – take an unusable machine and make it useful again. Are you looking for those settings that will let you “Turn off Window Contents while Dragging” or how to turn off the “Aero” interface? look no further, all the details are here.

How To Disable The Shareaholic “Deals” Bar [Updated]

Block the “Home”? Really?

You might have been rudely surprised to find out about the new Shareaholic “Deals” integration bar. The announced feature that adds a bar to the right side of your browser when you’re using the browser extension (in Chrome anyway) gives you access to sales from savings.com. Yes, advertising. Let me show you how to disable that obtrusive feature.

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