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We’re About To See A Serious Battery Disruption

Thomas Edison's nickel–iron batteriesI find it fascinating that we live in a world that sees things go away, and then come back around. In the case of Disco, it became popular, went away, and then came back in the 90’s, only to disappear again. Our collective need for the lowly battery is one of the more interesting cyclical love affairs. And, we appear to be at the crux of a real, serious point of disruption for this technology.

The Curious Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook PixelRecently Google has released a new laptop in the “Ultrabook” category using the ChromeBook name. This new product, named Chromebook Pixel, is a new,  $1,299 [1] computer with very high pixel density and touch screen features (to name a few). One of the core differences between the Chromebook, and other laptops, is the use of a cloud-based operating system named Chrome OS. Because most (if not all) you do on this computer is likely in the cloud, they usually include small, fast hard drives, like a 32 GB solid state drive in the case of the Pixel. I’ve previously looked at a Samsung Chromebook ($250 at the time), but the Pixel appears to be an odd bird. At a hefty price for what amounts to a general (but enhanced) web browser, can this device work?

Mobile Solar Chargers: A Gimmick Or Useful Tools?

Mobile-SolarWhile visiting (as I often do) my local computer shop, I came across a nifty tool that I thought was very interesting. Given that all they had was the Arctic C1 Portable Universal USB Charger – Solar Panel – I wanted to take a look and give it a try. The packaging indicated support for the iPhone and iPod devices and look to have a number of different connectors to use. Heck, it was $14.99 too, so you really can’t lose there, right? I’ll take you on a tour of how this device works, what I liked and what I didn’t like about it – and whether I think this is a useful tool for mobile users.

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