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BitTorrent Sync Gets a Major Update With Version 1.4

Bittorrent SyncWhat a difference a new version makes. BitTorrent’s has announced its Sync tool has undergone a serious revamp. This should be version 2.0, not 1.4. Gone is the previously sparse interface, and instead we’re treated to a more graphical easy to use interface. In 1.4, it also appears that they’ve renamed “secret” to “key”. This important piece of information is what identifies your sync folder to BitTorrent Sync and other devices.

“Popcorn Time” May Be The Evolution Of Piracy

Popcorn Time, described as Netflix for pirated filmsRecently, a small open-source application has been getting lots of attention. Mainly for it’s ability to “stream” movies from Bittorrent sources, while making the process extremely easy to use. Indeed, so easy that many are calling Popcorn Time “Netflix for pirated films”. While the tool has gain widespread attention, little is really know about this small tool. I wanted to take a closer look at this growing phenomenon. Read on for more details.

5 More Ways to Use Bittorrent Sync

Bittorrent SyncBittorrent Sync is amazing in a number of ways. But, because of its simplicity, it allows for uses far beyond even what the authors might have envisioned. The basic idea is to keep files synchronized between two or more devices – much like Dropbox, but without storing these files on a server. Since I’ve had the chance to look at Bittorrent Sync back in April, a number of thoughts have come to mind that I thought I’d share.

First Look: BitTorrent Sync

Bittorrent SyncThe massive number of cloud storage and synchronization applications available makes choosing one very difficult. It seems as if a new service is released every day – sometimes very little fanfare. Today, I’m blessed to see one of the more compelling  types of cloud synchronization applications out there. This new tool comes from the granddaddy of data movement on the Internet, Bittorrent. The idea behind this tool is not to store your data in the cloud, but use the cloud to keep your data updated on multiple computers. The current Alpha version supports Windows, OS X, and  Linux.

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