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RBC Insurance Calls Canadians Out for Distracted Driving

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I’m always weary of “recent studies” (and the press surrounding them) because they really only exist to drive the public relations effort of one company by fueling press for another. In these cases, everyone but the reader wins. And listen, we’re all lazy when it comes to this stuff, even though we shouldn’t be. When I first read of this RBC insurance study on distracted driving, I knew something wasn’t right. Then it hit me, their apparent conclusion was Canadians are basically assholes.

Canada Post makes huge changes, becomes even less relevant

Canada Post LogoA little over a year ago, I wrote about how the post office in Canada might reinvent itself. I was thinking out loud, for sure; but I was also thinking of was the post office could continue during a time of serious change. Fast forward, and news of Canada Post recently announced a slew of changes to the way it operates and delivers mail. For most of us, this means worse service, for a more expensive rate. This is what a company looks like when has no idea how to change beyond reactionary measures. For all Canadians, this should be incredibly disappointing for a service that forms such an important part of our society’s infrastructure.

Thoughts On US/Canada Cross-Border Shopping


I’m a Canadian living in Toronto. I’m not far from the American border (about an hour and a half of driving to the east or west, give or take a few minutes). Being in the technology industry – I am always coming across scenarios where a particular product is only available in the U.S. or the product may be significantly cheaper than it would be if purchased here in Canada. Even with our currencies almost at par, the lure of going to America to get the exclusive tech and bring it back is tremendous. While returning from a small road trip yesterday, I had some thoughts about cross-border shopping.

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