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Writing Email Like a Tinder Profile

Email Logo With Tinder Logo

You might think the two of these have nothing in common, but I find it surprising how these two share similar tactics.  In fact, taking a similar approach to writing information in each place might improve your odds of getting that message accross clearly and concisely. You may be the type of person that writes one-word message in email and Tinder profiles; and this wouldn’t be an article for you. For everyone else, however, read on to see these two in action.

Electronic communications: The calamity of choice

The amazing xkcd on communication

Yesterday I wanted to contact a colleague. I had already taken a picture of the job site and started off by sending him a text (SMS) message [1]. Very quickly I realized that he may not be able to receive a picture, and since he used a Blackberry without alternative chatting options, I was going to have to send this picture attached to an email with little context. As far as technology has taken us, the difficulty of simple everyday communication is surprisingly prevalent. Most users have so many choices, that having any sort of standardized communications service is impossible.

Life Shouldn’t Be Fair, It Should Be Agreeable

“Life isn’t fair” bemoaned a friend as they took a breath and continued; “Life should be fair”. This was a moment when my conservation of speech and ideas had reached its breaking point. I had to say something. My response started with the simple statement that “Life shouldn’t be far, it should be agreeable”. I won’t subject you to the long form of my response, but I wanted to touch on this idea we have about “fair” versus “agreeable” (or “agreement” or “acceptance” if you’re so inclined).

The essence of this idea is what’s fair verses what’s agreeable? Fair can defined as “free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice”, whereas agreeable is defined as simply something that is “acceptable”. I would want to say more in life should be acceptable, not simply lacking in stuff we dislike.

It’s HARD To Say I’m Self Employed!

Business-PlateThe question everyone always asks almost immediately when you first meet them is “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?”. After this, I often try to deflect the conversation to something else – or try to make a silly comment to the effect of “I’m Unemployed”. Sometimes, when I’m pressed, I will admit that I’m Self Employed or that I own my business. I have pondered this more than once though; why is it so hard to say I’m self-employed?

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