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Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview

Windows Server Logo (2013)I just noticed a recent preview of Windows Server has been released for download and testing. You can download Windows Server 2012 R2 on Microsoft’s site here. If you are interested in server operating systems, this is probably one you download and check out. I’m especially interested in the new tiered “Storage Spaces” feature that seems like an amazing Apple Fusion-esque way of using SSDs for maximum performance. While configuring that feature may be possible, seeing it in full-scale action may be a little more difficult. I’m also interested in what Microsoft will do with cloud storage options and StoreSimple, a company they acquired last year. There are a number of other updates to virtualization, VPNs, and the interesting “Software Defined Networking“. 

Microsoft Releases a Number of Software Previews

Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview LogoWith Microsoft’s Build Conference 2013 set to start tomorrow morning, Microsoft is about to hit us with a flurry of new and preview bits of its biggest software packages. Of the biggest previews tomorrow, we’ll likely see the big “Blue” Windows 8.1 preview released for us to test. Late yesterday and today, however, Microsoft made a few other packages available for download and preview.

Announcing: An Updated Version Of Install/Uninstall

Install/Uninstall ScreenshotThis is great. I’m happy to be giving you something new to play with (as far as utilities go). I’ve not written anything for a long time – and, just recently the programming bug has hit again and I’d thought I’d go over some old utilities and update them. Around this time, I was also looking for a quick way to do some Delphi-ish stuff in Windows, and what I found was incredible! If you’re a fan of Object Pascal, you should really check out Lazarus and Free Pascal. With those two, I decided to revive the Install/Uninstall tool and clean it up a bit while getting some of my programming legs back.

Good News: Teens Appear To Be Paying For Music More

MusicI came across an interesting release today about teens and music consumption habits. Based on a study of 416 teens, Ipsos is concluding that “76% of Canadian teens have used a fee-based website” to download music – up from 52% in 2009. This is relevant in a number of ways, yes, but it’s also generally great news for the music industry that keeps carping for more tariffs on music storage devices. Many have said, repeatedly, that if the legal mechanisms are easier, people will gladly pay.

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