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The disappearing HotspotVPN

HotspotVPN LogoI’ve used Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services before, and HotspotVPN was one of the best I’d seen. They had an easy setup, good platform support and a seemingly reliable service. VPNs are useful for all sorts of things, and in this case, was great for making your IP address appear to be local in another country. I was happy to pay the $95.75 yearly charge for occasional use of the service. However, when I decided to cancel, the problems started. As it stands now, HotspotVPN  has charged me $95.75 for something I didn’t want and seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Uhm, Sir, Your Piracy Is Showing

Uh Oh!

In the interesting article about Metro, (or whatever you want to call it) Joel Hruska describes the details of Microsoft’s new interface in Windows 8 in an unfortunately paginated article on extremetech.com. The article is a great explanation of many frustrations that will come from users trying to interact with Metro including how Metro apps communicate with Desktop apps and some of his frustrations around sharing Internet links. It’s worth a read.

But, oh, his frustrations about viewing video also lead him to post this image. Notice anything unusual there? It seems all the names of files listed are named after well known pirate releases of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems like Joel (or whomever has those files on a Windows 8 PC) has decided to name each file perfectly after pirated releases or…. well, you get it.

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