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First Look: FluxReader – An RSS Reader

FluxReader Main WindowWith Google Reader’s demise now just around the corner, I’ve been actively looking for a replacement feed reader that can handle the kind of volume Google did. This is really no easy task, because most of the feed readers today exist to make the feed look pretty, not improve efficiency  I’ve recently settled into TT-RSS, but have been open to finding that one RSS reader that suits my needs perfectly. Today, an invite came in for a new reader called FluxReader. While this is still in beta, and much will likely change, I wanted to get a good feel for whether this tool could be a worthy Google Reader replacement.

Blogs Of The Past: Reading News Faster, RSS And Blogs

On Monday July 26, 2004 I published this article on my blog. It predates Google’s current Reader product by some time. I’ve always been a fan of using RSS – writing about it a number of times before. As always, I will go back and look at my work, with annotations in red.

Information is out there in abundance. By any measure we are overloaded with information about different ideas and news items without any real structure. The Internet has simply exploded with information and ideas from people. If you go to one news site, you may see completely different news stories than you would at another – not to mention not finding what you’re looking for at either one of them. There is a way to see more information in a more personalized manner.

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