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How to Get Back to Writing a Book After a Long Time

Book Writing

I’ve been writing a book for a very long time. In fact, I think I’ve been on this book for more than two years. Two years of going away, distracted by all that life offers, and returning to inch along, trying to add to my word count. One thing I’ve become very familiar with is returning cold to a book that’s been in some form of completion. Here’s how I approach this.

Making a Super Basic KeeWeb Installation Work [How-To]

KeeWeb With Demo Data

The amazing web-based tool KeeWeb is perhaps one of the better ways to make Keepass databases work for you in a cross-platform environment. The challenge with using this tool, however, is that it’s not exactly the easiest to get running on your own hosting server. Yes, you can just go to app.keeweb.info, but if you want to try hosting it yourself somewhere, it may seem like a real challenge. For that reason, I wanted to offer some thoughts on how you get this thing up and running.

Installing ScreenConnect On An Amazon AMI Micro Instance

ScreenConnect Logo
ScreenConnect, a remote access tool, allows you to host a server that enables remote support of client computers. Many of the best features of this software relate to giving you control over deployment and hosting. This would seem like the perfect fit for Amazon’s cloud server infrastructure. Generally, the server is geared to Windows, but maybe you don’t want to run this on the more expensive Windows or Linux Servers? If what you wanted to do is run it on a lower-cost AMI (Amazon Machine Image) free-tier micro instance, here’s how to do that.

How To Rotate A Video In 5 Easy Steps with Avidemux

Avidemux rotating a video
Your recent holiday was amazing – you get back and make sure everything is accounted for. Next step, you you want to download and post all of your pictures and videos. After the pictures are done, you look at the videos. Not good, you shot all of these videos SIDEWAYS! How do you easily rotate my videos so you can post them on sites like Youtube? Well, you’ve come to the right place; I’m going to show you how to use your Windows computer to rotate those videos EASY.
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