New And Interesting Tools – #5 – Swiss Army Knife Edition

Back again with #5. First thing you should do though, follow my Google Shared Items – you’ll find lots of cool and interesting articles. You’ll be glad you did. I have in the past looked at tools like Wifi Stumbler, Ebeddit.in, Password Protection tools, and even a crop of Google-Related stuff. This has all lead us to today’s stellar edition of tools and utilities that I like to call the Swiss Army Knife tools. These tools, you may not use all the time, but when you do use them – they are perfect for the task at hand.

8 Essential Tools For The IT Guy

Often on this blog I write alot about tools or utilities – they are generally interesting applications or programs that I have tested that I thought you might find useful too. What every IT Guy tends to keep, however, is a cache of essential utilities that he/she use with them all the time. As you become more tuned to the kinds of utilities you use, you’ll find ways to make them more available to yourself when you are at the client (at a moments notice). 

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