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Review: Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick

For cord-cutters (or those leaving cable tv behind), I usually recommend one solution. You need to have a full desktop or laptop computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux attached to your television via an HDMI port. Other options just don’t provide the kind of flexibility that’s required in such a changing landscape. It seems like Intel was listening to me and created a small computer for this purpose. Can this device replace the “Computer attached to Television” scenario I recommend?

New Mobile Operating System: Tizen – Should Apple Be Worried?

Tizen LogoGenerally, I think of myself as a person who keeps up-to-date on current events related to technology. I thought this was true when related to mobile operating systems too. But, there is one thing that is always true “When you think you know allot, along comes something that shows you how little you really know”. This is true for a new smartphone operating system that has been under my radar for the better part of a year. No longer, I can tell you about Tizen and the promise this new OS brings.

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