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Backing my first Kickstarter project: JustMount and TidyTilt+

KickStarter-1I’m sure you, like many, have heard about a crowd-funding site named Kickstarter. The key role of Kickstarter is to help fund creative projects in all sorts of industries. Surely, technology is a showcase there, but the site includes many other creative endeavors including films, fashion, photography among many others. The process of funding a project is done by offering rewards (usually the product) and having a goal (usually the cost of production). If the project receives 100% of it’s goal, those who have paid into the project, or “backers” are billed and sent rewards. Kickstarter takes a 5% fee on the total funds collected and the project comes to life. You might think this is like a shopping site, Kickstarter is strongly against being labeled as a store.  While the many projects I’ve come across have seemed interesting – today is the first time I’ve backed one. Read on for more about my experiences with this new idea in funding.

iPhone 5 On WIND Mobile – Is It Time?

iPhone 5 LogoHere in Canada, the perfect storm of phone heaven and network frugality would be having a working iPhone on one of the new entrant’s networks. Right now, WIND mobile looks like a great candidate with a roll out of a new 4G network. With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, there is renewed hope that this may be possible. What are theoretical and real possibilities that an iPhone 5 will work? Let’s take a look at the details.

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