I Struggle With How Badly Technology People are Represented Online

Head in Hands

What has this all come to? Regularly, I read articles and blog posts, but I also see a good deal from people who represent my industry, namely the Computer Technical Service or MSP folks. What I’ve encountered, however, has me incredibly troubled. A number of folks online are purporting to represent us, when in fact they aren’t doing it well at all. This hit the tipping point when two of these people came together to make an insanely bad webcast, that I had to share it with you.

And naturally, I don’t see every webcast, hear every podcast or know about all those who are out publicly talking about the industry. One of the biggest truisms is that if you devote your time to work, you can’t make and edit three massively long videos, podcasts or blogs a week. So, many of these super prolific people are probably not actually out there in the industry doing what I’m doing.

Nobody puts “IT” in a Compartment

Best Buy LogoMy reading habits are often too sluggish for the real-time mass of information of the day. One such older colum I came across was Robert X. Cringely’s Amazon.com isn’t killing Best Buy: blame Best Buy IT. I do find that, after all these years, Cringely is a good source for insights.

Since I don’t have first hand knowledge of IT inside of Best Buy, I’m not going prove Cringley right or wrong on his assessment of IT inside of Best Buy. But, if what he says is true, Best Buy is certainly facing some grievous struggles.

IT Consulting: The Hollywood Complex

Hollwood-ComplexI warn you, this post has nothing to do with movies or hollywood per se. This post is about the users you support as a consultant and an interesting complex that starts occurring over time. This complex happens when the user, needing help, thinks he or she has something of unique and glorious significance (although it’s likely not anything more than a mundane issue). This interesting complex, one that I call the hollywood complex, can really skew the way we support clients – and even make solving issues more difficult.

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