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Bypass Metro In Windows 8 – One Way That Works

Windows 8 Metro TilesI think it deserves to be mentioned that a huge race is on now to find the cleanest and easiest way to bypass the tiled Metro interface (or whatever Microsoft will call it) and boot to what we know as the Windows 8 Desktop. With the Release to Manufacturing Version (RTM) out now, we have a sense of what will (and won’t) work in this epic battle. I have tried a few methods and found one that actually works. Let me show you.

Windows 8: Metro, A Leap Forward Or A Leap Back?

Win8-Preview-LogoWindows 8 is coming very, very soon. With it, we have one major shift in computing to handle. This new wrinkle is the Metro interface – designed to fill the user’s entire screen and be something of a general simplification of a Windows system. I’ve been toying with this idea that, as Windows is being pushed into a more mobile way of doing things, it’s also being pushed back as well. Is Metro taking us backward, or is this just a simple-looking way of moving forward?

Windows 8: A Closer Look At Metro

When the Interface for Windows 8 was announced, I was a little surprised at first. Was this new phone-looking interface going to work very well with existing Business PCs? Was this new interface going to be removable? What kind of subsystem would Metro be running under? Well, as previews of Windows 8 continued to roll out – it became clear that metro was going to be forced into the next version of Windows and that there may (possibly?) be a way to disable the interface. Join me as a I take a closer look at Metro and the ramifications for IT Departments all over.

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