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Rogers To Choose Gemalto For Mobile NFC payments

Roger-NFC-1Tucked away in a press release yesterday was news of Rogers selecting Amsterdam-based Gemalto for their mobile contactless (NFC) payment systems. This news is not terribly significant beyond the clear recent indications that Rogers plans to get into the financial and mobile payments space. What IS significant is why Rogers is taking this approach and not choosing to use a more universal barcoding solution. Here’s what Rogers is looking to gain.

The “churn reduction” motivation should your most important takeaway as a Rogers customer. This is high-level speak for “stopping customers from leaving” or in most cases “lock-in”.

The Mobile Payment Gold “Rush”

If you’ve been watching the news, no doubt the trickle of mobile payment details has been percolating in your mind. NFC (Near Field Communications) is NOT in the iPhone 5 and Starbucks appears to be doing just fine without it. The idea of paying for stuff with your phone is not a new concept, but the race to marry a technology with controlling interest in a lucrative payment system appears at it’s height.

So many options appear to be just ready to hit mass adoption, they include the Canadian government’s MintChip, Pay with Square, and Mobile Credit card payment systems such as Paypass. There is even a standard in the works called NSDT (Near Sound Data Technology) that will process payments by way of sound. Rogers appears to be trying to lock-in users to a SIM-based payment wallet. Since not all of these standards is both supported by the merchant AND the buyer, mass adoption won’t happen quickly.

Canada: Use Your Android Phone To Pay At Starbucks


Many folks seem to be a bit confused about this. Since I’m a frequent visitor of Starbucks stores time and time again I hear that it’s not possible to pay for purchases at the counter with an Android phone. I hear that there is no official Starbucks application on the Android platform. I hear all sorts of things, so let me set the record straight on this so you have happily ditch (or, keep it in a safe place) that Starbucks card and start paying with your Android phone.

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