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The Troubling Trend Toward Secure HTTP

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In a recent blog post, Mozilla (makers of the popular Firefox browser) plan to set a date by which non-encrypted [1] websites would see access to browser features gradually removed. While the details aren’t yet clear as to the timeframe, or exactly what features will be limited; but it’s a definite message that powerful players are pushing encryption on everyone. This trend of “encrypt everything” is becoming very troubling.

Commenting Systems Aren’t Broken, They’re Lame

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With news of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Mozilla working together┬áto create a “audience engagement platform”[1], I was interested in this time-tested idea of how “broken” commenting systems are. Dave Winer is also talking about this, and as you might expect, I mostly disagree with him. The thing is, commenting systems are not broken, they just suck. We may currently have the best we can get from text-based system, but the work should be spent on making them suck less.

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