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Kevin Rose’s blogging idea

Not long ago, TheNextWeb reported on a new idea from Digg founder Kevin Rose. This idea; Tiny is an idea for a new blogging platform. While Tiny doesn’t seem to be real yet, the YouTube video included gave us a glimpse of what it might look like.

The essence of this is a simple image or video in the background of you as you write. The text is fixed, as are other elements. The idea certainly has merits, but I think this movement towards creating the “Facebook of blogging” is failing to change the parts of blogging that need disruption. Blogging is not in a MySpace phase; Rather, I feel it is in need of a way of expressing ideas that can grow parallel to other real time counterparts, while being compartmentalized in a clear idea or topic.

5 Things You Can Learn From a Compulsive Technology Switcher

Electrical Knife SwitchI’m what you might call a technology “switcher”. I switch phones, tablets and computers often. Sure, part of that process revolves around writing column about what I use. But, some of it is because I’m rather compulsive. I feel that, to truly understand a piece of technology, it has to become part of your everyday life; not just something you test on the side. So, on a regular basis, I can be found moving all of my data and applications from one device to another. Given this exaggerated need to switch, I thought I would share some of the strategies I use to make sure I can pick up and move forward quickly.

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