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Synnex and the Pain of Hardware Distribution

Synnex LogoAt times in CWL, we sell hardware to customers. Often what this entails is a process of us procuring the hardware from various sources. Sometimes it’s directly from the manufacturer, and sometimes it comes from official distributors. In Canada, we have a few big top-level companies like Techdata, D&H and Synnex. If you’re looking for hardware or software, that’s usually the best place to get stock and decent pricing. These companies are unlike that of an Insight or a CDW in that they typically require manufacturer authorization and will charge a hefty fee to create an account. Along with these barriers to entry, distribution is often a cold process met with various difficulties. Today, I wanted to call out one such painful experience with Synnex and try to understand if this is a systemic problem, or if more is at work.

Kill Network Traffic In Windows That Admin Tools Don’t Catch

One of the keys to fixing problems with PCs is looking in the more obvious places for problems. On such example occurred when a users’ computer was on the network but yet was unable to transfer data or use the Internet – but will still connected based on every obvious cue. I was somewhat perplexed until I found an answer. Using this method in certain cases can disable a network interface entirely (while still maintaining the ‘connected’ state). Conventional admin tools will fail you in most cases.

A warning though, if you do this – you may render the network interface of your computer unusable and, even worse not know how to get it back. Tread lightly here.

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