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Basics: Developing Your First Windows Program (with Lazarus)

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For this guide, I wanted to show you the steps involved in creating your first Windows program. For many, learning to create an application seems out of reach. When I’m trying to understand something, it can be good just to start and explore. This guide will show you the basics of building a Window program; from downloading the free development tools, to coding a basic application, to testing it. There are many tools, languages, and environments from which to develop, but if you just wanted to get started with something simple – this is a good place to start.

WordPress: One Way To Display The Perfect Title

While the work has been sometimes laborious to get this blog finished and ready to view, one of the more difficult things was to get the details right in the <TITLE> tag. Many of the snippets of code out there suggest using various separators and little tricks to determine if the user is at the home page. What I was after was this:

If at the home page, display the blog’s name and description only. If on an article, display only the title of that article. The resulting code is a mix of php snippets found all over the web but one great way to make the links a search engine provides look better.

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